Want to Land a Job at a Private Equity Firm? This is How It’s Done

With an ongoing presence in a diverse array of industries, the private equity sector in the United States is undeniably huge. In fact, the private equity sector is as large as it has ever been since the 2007 financial crisis and with each passing year, this sector accounts for a larger portion of the world’s GDP. Read more


Five Ways to Capitalize On Your Relationship with a Recruiter

Whether you have a significant amount of experience or have recently entered a new industry, building a productive relationship with a recruiter is one of the surest ways to succeed in your search for a new job. Recruiters are able to offer you objective advice, inform you of new opportunities, and connect you with valuable resources in your industry. Read more


Soft Skills to Hone if You Want to Be More Marketable

Instead of thinking of an interview as an interaction where you are hoping to be offered a job, it can sometimes be more helpful to think of it as a negotiation in which you are offering your skills in exchange for compensation. Your prospective employer is in a position where they will offer you money (and other benefits) if they believe your skills will be worth an equal or greater sum. Consequently, if you are able to develop more skills over time, the total value of your “offer” will recognizably increase. Read more